About us


Bureasy is a multifunctional consulting company established by high-profile international professionals dealing with cross border transactions.

Our mission is to simplify seemingly sophisticated matters, bridging the gap between customers and international bureaucracy.

We operate internationally through a network of elite independent experts and professionals on behalf of international clients from every corner of the world who have interests in Italy, the United States or both.

Cultural, logistical, and bureaucratical barriers may lead someone to use a legal firm more often than required, thereby incurring unnecessary legal fees. However, several matters can simply and efficiently be dealt with, maximizing resources by coordinating different types of services at a fraction of the cost.

Unfortunately, most Italian attorneys will not tell you this.

A versatile consulting company might come in handy to find the most simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Professionals dealing with your matter will be chosen based on the complexity of your case and will always be supervised by a high-ranking professional.


Let us give you an example: would you rather pay for an expensive surgeon to take your blood pressure or would you rather have a nurse do it and only discuss the outcome and treatment options with the surgeon? Imagine being in a foreign country where nobody tells you that you could hire a nurse and you believe your only option is to deal with a surgeon. Would you be happy with that?

Put another way, say that you are dealing with an Italian succession. You may have an attorney apply for your tax code, pay your succession taxes, and then commence with selling a property. Or would you rather coordinate with a surveyor to take care of all the minor matters? What would you rather pay for?