Sworn Translation

Sworn Translation

Today’s increasing multiethnicity results in an increasing need for a certified translation or “traduzioni asseverate.”


The value and effects of a sworn translation validated in court is superior to that of a general translation, and therefore needs to be made by experienced and qualified professionals. Finding a proficient translator is not always an easy task, as Italy does not have an official or governmental register or bar association for translators. Bureasy’s translators have extensive experience in the translation of several documents and acts including, but not limited to:

After translating the legal document, the translator will take an oath before a court officer witnessing that the translation retains the original meaning of the document without omission of flaws. The oath is formalized with an oath translation report (verbale di giuramento di traduzione) to be produced to the court clerk in charge, along with the original document, the translation, and a €16 duty stamp for every 4 pages or 100 lines. The translation under oath becomes valid after the court clerk stamps the translation and the translation report on each page, and assigns a registry number. The translator is also required to sign the court translation registry as a final step.

Please note that some foreign documents, or local documents that need to be used abroad, need to be legalized or bear an apostille in addition to the translation in order to be valid in a country different than the one where they originated.

When you need to produce a document written in a foreign language to a local Italian institution or authority, it needs to retain its legal value. Therefore, that document needs to be validated and sworn in an Italian court through a procedure called asseveration or “traduzione giurata.”

Translation services may vary depending on the original language, the volume, and the intended use of the translated documents. Bureasy offers translation services starting from USD 0.07/word.