US Accounting for Expats and Business Entities

US Accounting for Expats and Business Entities

Bureasy, and its affiliate companies, can provide a range of non-attestation services including payroll, bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements and tax returns, and tax consulting services for foreign companies, US expats working abroad, individuals who are currently operating in or who are interested in moving to the US, or those who are interested in investing in the US market.

Tax Services

We offer a full range of tax planning and compliance services. We will work with you year-round if necessary to minimize your total tax burden. Our firm also prepares all federal, state, and local tax returns for individuals and businesses.


Accounting Services

Our firm offers a complete range of accounting services, including receivables, payables, and payroll management. We prepare financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties. Our firm will also prepare custom financial reports for internal and managerial use.


Payroll Services

We provide a comprehensive payroll service that is customized for your specific needs giving you flexible personalized service from our knowledgeable staff. Our firm offers you a complete payroll service that includes check printing, direct deposit of paychecks, tax filings, complete compliance, and more. You will receive all the payroll reports you need to efficiently run your business and you will also get personalized professional advice on all payroll matters for your firm.


Foreign Nationals working in the US

If you are a foreign national working in the US under an F-1 (OPT), H-1, E-1, or J-1 visa or considering a cross-border transaction, Bureasy can help you reduce tax burdens. Foreign nationals working in the US under different categories of immigration visa types can substantially save taxes by:

  • Making the right choices under different Internal Revenue Code sections, such as choosing to be treated as a permanent resident
  • Consulting income tax treaties for possible exemptions of income subject to US tax, special deductions, and reduced tax rates
  • Claiming foreign tax credits for taxes paid to other countries



International Corporations

For international corporations who are interested in doing business in the US, we can assist with:

  • Choosing the right type of corporate structure, such as branches, subsidiaries, or partnerships
  • Registering business entities with any of the 50 US states
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements according to US GAAP
  • Filing corporate tax returns, such as 1120, 1120-F, 1065, and other returns

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